Rotator tow truck in San Antonio, TX.

At San Antonio Heavy Duty Wrecker Service. We understand how your business is important to you and we want to ensure that you are back on the road if you are ever stranded for any reason. Our 35 ton heavy duty wreckers with 80,000 pounds towing capacity is equipped with state of the art technology and tools to handle any task big or small. With 360 degree rotating boom lift, it expands the capability of handling any heavy duty or super heavy duty towing and recovery jobs from any angle so the roadway can remain open if safe.

Our prices are very affordable compared to those of the competition, we understand that all heavy duty trucks have to pay high amounts of insurance, plus highways permits. Our job as a Rotator Towing Company is to help your business waste as little time as possible, helping your unit get transported to its destination for repair, or put on the road to follow its destination.

When to call a Rotator Towing Company?

A clear example of when you should request the help of a Rotator Service is when you are in an emergency situation and your unit is a heavy duty unit. We know that accidents can happen at any time, and heavy trucks can be prone to being overturned on the road due to strong winds.

This is when you should contact your office and request that a rotator service be sent to you.

Not all vehicles have been created equal. It goes without saying some are more challenging to tow than others. This is where we come in. At San Antonio Heavy Duty Wrecker Service, we have a heavy-duty rotator mount designed for massive recovery operations. Our heavy-duty rotator service can also carry out major towing and recovery jobs with utmost ease.

Rotator tow trucks are long-lasting and highly durable. They are also meant to handle jobs other trucks can’t handle. Due to their sheer size and capabilities, they can be challenging to operate. However, our seasoned rotator operators have the necessary training and can make dealing with large-scale wrecks look easy.

While it can be a challenge to maneuver tow trucks in and around traffic, our heavy-duty rotator mounted tow trucks can prove invaluable. Thanks to their agility, they can get vehicles to where they need to be quickly, easily, and safely. Our trained and highly skilled drivers can get any vehicle in and out of the wreckage and get it to its final destination in record time.

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