Tow Truck San Antonio Tx.

When you have a need for towing service, it’s easy just to do google search on your smart phone for tow trucks in your area. Using GPS signal and location based search feature, you will see a list of companies within a few miles radius. Look for tow trucks with at least 5 or more reviews and pay attention to the star rating. We are locally owned and operated tow truck service working in San Antonio Tx. We service all locations from the Border to Seguin, Texas. and Ozona, Texas. to Columbus, Texas. San Antonio Heavy Duty Wrecker Service has been offering quality services with friendly staff, experienced drivers and professional 24/7 live answering service.

As competition is steep in the market, we’re extremely determined to offer our customers the fairest prices and highly capable tow truck services. With that being said, 24 Hr Towing has an extremely competitive rate and quick response time, averaging around 30 minutes for a truck to be at your side. We’ve been doing this for years, and we’re well aware that towing can be expensive.  We find that negotiating prices with our customers in order to best serve their needs has helped our company grow and our customers remain happy. But, there is a give and take. We’re a company that’s here to help, but help can be expensive. With that being said, our towing prices are still exceptional and our employees are tremendously talented.


Flatbed Towing
You’ll love your new found local towing service. We use flatbeds at your request! Through thick and thin, we will be by your side. The car trouble you are experiencing is only temporary. We will tow you ASAP! Flatbeds are excellent for luxury vehicles like BMW’s, Mercedes-Benz, or even a brand new Maserati. Keeping your tires and paint away from the unforgiving roads and potholes of our city. 

Motorcycle Towing
Occasionally, automotive towing companies aren’t equipped with the proper towing, tools in case someone’s motorcycle needs to be towed.  But after you’ve found this 24 Hour road assistance in San Antonio TX. You better believe we can get your bike back home or to the shop and back on its feet. I mean tires. In a very efficient, safe manner.

Accident Towing
We hate to hear that you got in an accident, and we hope no harm was done.  If it is just a fender bender, you’ll definitely need your car towed to the shop or back home. Try calling us at 210-429-6952 for a speedy tow truck technician. No matter where you need to go, we will take care of you.  But please, be more careful next time!

Heavy Duty Towing Services
Get semi truck towing, RV towing, trailer towing, or even have boats and trailers moved at your convenience. Our heavy duty tow trucks are equipped with a dual winch, capable of pulling a load of 20,000 lbs out of a ditch. If you’ve got your vehicle trapped in a ditch, we’ll pull you out in a cinch. 

Emergency Load Deliver

Seguin, Texas. | Schertz, Texas. | Converse, Texas. |
Comfort, Texas. | Ozona Texas. | Kerrville, Texas. | 
Junction, Texas. | New Braunfels, Texas. | Kyle, Texas. | Buda, Texas. |
Plainview, Texas. | Boerne, Texas. | Flatonia, Texas. |
Columbus, Texas. | San Marcos, Texas. | Laredo, Texas. | Schulenburg, Texas.

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